Health, Safety, Environmental, & Quality

ISOCertThe Ranger Offshore HSE&Q philosophy is to manage all work activities using a strategic Health, Safety, Environmental and Quality process founded on management commitment, supervisor accountability and personal responsibility. We will facilitate a process based on safe and correct behaviors, appropriate levels of training, internationally recognized standards, fairness and a system of HSE&Q performance measurement.

The management of Ranger Offshore supports the belief that all injuries can be prevented, that pollution of the environment and damage to property or equipment can be avoided, and that quality is encompassed in every facet of business.

Health and Safety    

First Aid72Nothing is more important than the health and safety of our employees and customers. Ranger Offshore works diligently through an active risk identification and management process to create a work environment free of incidents and injury. This company-wide behavior is reinforced constantly through management commitment, safety meetings, communications, training and monitoring. 


Earth2Protection of the environment is a fundamental business practice at Ranger Offshore. Recognizing the potential footprint that our vessels and people may leave on the environment, we keep our vessels in top mechanical condition and exercise the utmost care in every facet of our operations. 


CertificateWe are dedicated to fully understanding and meeting the requirements of each customer while achieving the highest standards of quality possible in all of our operations. Along with periodic benchmarking, we use equipment audits and “lessons learned” to provide continuous improvement across the company.

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